Protect Your Property and Your Health From Mold


Mold is a destructive fungus that grows where moisture is present, and it can destroy the supportive structure of a building over time. Anyone living in a home where mold is present can experience health problems that range from merely irritating to dangerous to their health. If the basement in your home seems damp and has a musty odor, the probability is high that mold is present and will eventually become a serious problem. Other areas of the home where mold is commonly found include crawl spaces, attics, around windows, showers and inside walls.

Basements that are not protected well enough from moisture are not the only reason mold is present and growing; the fungus can form quickly after water damage from a storm or a water leak. Even after all standing water has been removed from a building, mold spores quickly take hold within 24 to 48 hours. Thorough cleanup and mold remediation procedures should be completed as soon as possible to prevent further property damage.

Some of the most important steps required for proper mold remediation follows:
1 – Remove all items that are wet and cannot be cleaned and completely dried.
2 – Get air flowing in through windows and doors.
3 – Use fans and dehumidifiers if electricity is available.
4 – Clean away all visible mold with water and detergent.

Protective clothing should be worn by anyone working in an environment that may have mold spores present in the air. You should protect your skin, eyes, nose and mouth with a mask, goggles and gloves. Certain cleaning products should not be mixed because dangerous fumes may form, so take care to use one after another mixed in separate containers.

Once you are sure all the affected surfaces have been completely dried out you can repaint the area. Simply painting over mold will not prevent it from growing, so proper mold remediation is required to ensure the problem will not return.

Ensure your home is a safe environment that is free of mold that can damage your home and your health. Mold spores can be present without you knowing, so make sure to contact a reputable mold remediation contractor if your home has had water damage.