Modern Furniture for the Guest Hall


Furniture is something that enhances the beauty of homes. Not only does it gives a complete look to the home but also increases the beauty by the comfort and design quotient that it provides. If you search online, there are different designs and materials that one can choose from and sometimes the variety is staggeringly confusing. Truly, the first impressions is also the last impression I most cases. To leave an impact upon your visitors, the home owner needs to concentrate hard on the drawing room. An important element of the drawing room or hall is the coffee table. Though it is of smaller structure compared to the surrounding decor, it is still of vital importance. A bit of taste in customization can give you an impressive creation.

The guest room should always be presentable and conducive. The environment can be further enhanced by placing different furniture around the coffee table or do we need so? Modern Furniture Company presents two coffee table designs that can be an amazing addition to your decor.

Noguchi Coffee Table

This table is exceptionally made and comes with a unique cut and design. This table brings in the right balance of functionality and modern designing. The whole setup consists of just 3 pieces – a glass plate for the top, and two solid walnut legs that form a tripod. These legs hold the glass top in place and give balance to the installation.

The Noguchi table evolved from a design of rosewood that was created for Conger Goodyear in 1939. The designers at Herman Miller found the table so functional that they recruited the carpenter (more an artist) to design similar table for both office and home use. This table was later termed as “design for production” and “sculpture-for-use”.

Saarinen Round Marble Dining Table

For some people, the guest hall also serves as the dining hall and in this case one has to put in a larger dining table installation than the Noguchi table. An amazing option is the Saarinen Round Marble Dining Table. This designs heralds from the genius of the great Charles Eames who worked in the field of “Organic Design in Home Furnishings” in 1940s. Saarinen was also the inventor of the Tulip Chair, the “Womb” chair, the “Grasshopper” lounge chair and many other form of decor. All of these designs were highly successful and have carried themselves till now.

It’s extremely common to watch different forms of creativity in coffee table designs. In modern times though, the most functional and unique thing works and more focus is also given on the material. Wood is the more common material used but this can be replaced by aluminum or aberration resistant granite. In the latter case though, it would not be portable enough but will look amazing at the same time.