Having Your TV as the Focal Point of the Room and Other Interior Design Mistakes


When you design your home, you want it to be functional and comfortable. You want to feel good about inviting people over to see it and you want to be able to kick back and relax too. There are some common design mistakes that people make in their homes and knowing what they are can help you create a trendy space that also flows and works well for your lifestyle. Here’s what to avoid.

Making the TV the Focal Point of the Room

Every room needs a place for the eye to rest when you walk in. However, it’s a big design mistake to make that focal point the television. When you have guests over, you want to be able to encourage them to sit and relax and that’s what you want to do there too. The television can be a major distraction. Instead of focusing all of the attention on the television, try placing it on a high gloss TV stand to detract from the TV (Shop TV Units). Or, better yet, have a large piece of artwork or a fireplace be the focal point.

Keeping Things, You Don’t Like

Even if it’s trending, it doesn’t make sense to have items in the room that you don’t like or don’t want. Even if it’s an object passed down from a family member, don’t feel obligated to display it if looking at it doesn’t make you happy. Your rooms should work with your lifestyle and make you feel good each time you step into them.

Painting First

Most experts will tell you that you should choose your textiles before you paint the walls. That way you can be sure the colour you choose goes with the fabrics you’ve selected for your furniture, rugs, throw pillows and blankets. Once you have that picked out, you can choose a paint shade that works well with the overall look of the space.

Creating an Arrangement That Doesn’t Flow

So, you have the right textiles, furniture and your high gloss TV unit. What now? The way you arrange your pieces plays a big role in the function and comfort of the space. Try to group furniture around your focal point but leave space so it flows at the same time. If you have a collection of items you’d like to display, keep them together rather than spreading them throughout the room. Remember the rule of three – items look better when grouped in collections of three objects – so don’t go overboard. And if a particular piece looks good – like your high gloss TV unit – don’t hide it under a load of decorative items or clutter.

The way you style your space says a lot about you. You want to reflect your personality, but also create a warm and stylish space to spend time with family and friends. Using these tips can help you get just the room you want all throughout your house.