Bathroom Vanities Galore: Choosing the Right Style


Modern vanities are available in an extremely wide range of styles. Sinks are made of very different material than the simple porcelain our grandparents used back in the day. And the vanity cabinets are just as unique as the sinks. Vanities from Home Decor AZ could easily give you a sampling of the wide range of looks that vanities now have.

Types of Sink Styles

First you have the basic pedestal sink, console sink or the basic vessel sink for the bathroom. The variations stem from those two basics and extend well beyond most people’s imaginations. Sinks can be dropped into the cabinet or under-mounted to the cabinet. They can also be mounted directly to the wall. With the wall mounted sink the vanity is usually not attached, but separate. The same is true for the pedestal or the console sinks. It’s only the vessel sink that normally has the attached vanity. And vessel sinks are made from the largest varieties of materials and come in the most varying shapes.

Materials for Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are made of glass, ceramic, platinum, gold leaf, copper, stainless steel, crystal, travertine, Technoform (High-precision Polyamide) and Vetro Freddo (Glass pigments and resin). Their design is as unique as the shape of a flower, a rectangular or square and the form of an oversized cup. These beautiful shapes are the highlights of the perfect vanity.

The Vanity is the Sink, the Cabinet and the Mirror

Sinks are the crowning glories of the vanity. As one the sink, the cabinet and the mirror serve as your dressing station. It’s there that you perform your daily rituals of brushing your teeth, cleansing your face and examining what hairs need to be removed. You may also brush your hair and apply your makeup as well as shave while you’re there. It’s important that the vanity has the capacity to hold all the grooming tools we find necessary to get our day started. Some vanities are sparsely outfitted with drawers, while others have a multitude of drawer space and cabinets as well.

What’s Stored in the Vanity

Cabinets to store bathroom cleaning supplies are also a benefit in a vanity. Vanities with bottom shelves are often used to store hair dryers, toilet tissue, soap, shampoo and conditioner, etc. and having those compartments that can serve as storage simplifying the homeowner’s life. Higher easier to access drawers could serve to store makeup, tweezers, razors, comb and brushes. It’s essential that the person sitting or standing at the vanity have access to the most elementary of hygiene tools from within reach of the vanity.

Vanities come in solid wood and MDF with wood veneer. Many have a mirrored exterior and some are constructed of distressed wood for effect. The counter may sit directly on top of the vanity or be extended above the vanity in a glass, marble or polyamide material, while the vanity is made of any number of materials beneath the countertop, but the look is remarkably unique and functional.